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KauKau is raising money for the Maui fire victims via New York City.


There’s a lot of “non profits” to donate to but there is a lot dispute as to who is legitimate. So we are donating direct to victims on venmo with no 3rd party take away. All proceeds from the Maui Ikaika events go DIRECT to victims who are screened via @lahaina_ohana_venmo 


You can donate via Kau Kau on venmo @kaukau  and we will donate via venmo but please feel free to surpass us and go to @lahaina_ohana_venmo and look for a victim you want to direct your funds to.


Mahalo nui to all of you in NYC to Queens for coming out to support Maui. The outpour of support from NYC is truly touching and reminds me why I built a bridge between the two places. People are truly great. There is nothing like a true New Yorker or a true Hawaiian. 

That said, I'm just a Hawaiian living in NYC connecting my culture while I build a business. I am happy to talk more in depth about what's happening with the people of Maui, Hawai'i, land rights, etc. It's a lot to handle but you are welcome to speak to me at my pop-ups or email me here or msg me on the site or dm on instagram.



founder of Kau Kau

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