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The Maui fires have spread so quickly but so has the aloha. I've been getting a lot of questions about what's happening back in Hawai'i. Almost all my Ohana is on O'ahu and so far I didn't know any family affected by the fires and then I realized one of my best friends from NYC who moved to O'ahu ended up moving to Maui. It completely slipped my mind till a mutual friend filled me in that she escaped with her husband and her life.

For KauKau I'm going to do what I can or I should say WE can up here. I'm working on a fundraiser event for the people of Maui to help the survivors and to rebuild. I'm also selling these Maui Nō Ka ʻOi pins at my events as well as retailers that are willing to sell them to benefit the victims.

I'm still in the midst of finding the best/appropriate 501c3 or association or family to guide the money to. There are so many and I want to be very careful where it goes but please bare with me while I search.

On August 13th during my pop-up I acquired donations and proceeds from my coffee for Maui. I have it and I truly appreciate who came up and trusts me with those funds. I still have them I promise and will update you here via the page.

I'll be updating you all here. Please keep in touch as I keep up with Hawai'i and NYC at the same time.



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